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Freedom fighter; and the freedom is spiritually financial.

Poetic thoughts from the mind of Jacolbi

Creative expression: life is a product of this very thing. We’ve monetized everything on Earth— this is my reminder to never hold back. There is no limit to the light within you, I like to think of this light as fire. Trailblazers attract the path designed for them to ignite. Have you conquered the fight meant for you to fight?

What ceiling? No more glass boxes housing a secondary dream. Become primarily in charge of your fate, choose up— trust. Breaking through the sky into heaven, if you will. Poetic prophecies manifesting as reality. Ever heard a love song? Imagine, free falling. Rising and finding wings— floating. No more forcibly swimming. If we’re talking about finances, currency is about finding your motion. Your thoughts are worth the ocean, what makes you focus? These revelations come from a life of daily rooftop views, 100 year old buildings, and miraculous love through the people you meet. Welcome to the mind of Jacolbi.

Natural is our standard. Allowing— receiving. Forcing is competing. Your love, luxury, & legacy wins.


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