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The Power of Awareness (of Self)


The epitome of human evolution.

The awareness of self is a journey that is never ending. The question is if we can reach peak levels of awareness that allows us to transcend division. The answer is yes. The problem of division has shown up in mathematics for ages, it was our sign to balance the equation. As humans, it is our job to align ourselves with what is meant for us. We are meant to connect with others and realize how significant our own existence is, are you aware?

We have been divided for centuries, in various forms. The solution is unity and awareness! Let ylllw. be the sacred space, let the color fill your world. Colors are variables of beauty and we need brighter energies surrounding us. It is necessary to tune into this universal shift. We should focus on our brightest futures.

ylllw. is an example of branded optimism. As a collective, it is important to realize our truths. We are not confined to the narratives we dread living; let the illusions be motivation to lead you to the true you. This you has six senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, & extrasensory perception. Know yourself, so that you can know the world.


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